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Steps to Develop an Expert System Project using: ES-Builder Web

  1. Identify The Problem
  2. Specify the Solution
  3. Design the Expert System
  4. Implement the Expert System
  5. Test the Expert System
  6. Evaluate the Solution
  7. Document the Project
Identify: Decide on Topic - Universe of Discourse (Area of Discussion)
  1. Define Topic + Limits of Topic
  2. Negotiate approval for topic with teacher
Create a Specification
  1. Identification
    • Why is the Expert System needed ?
    • What is the problem you are solving by developing this Expert System?
    • Do not discuss the actual ES. It is the solution, not the problem.
  2. Specify
    • Define the solution
    • Who will use it?
    • How it will work?
    • Where it will be used?
    • When it will be used?
    • How it will be made available?
    • What hardware will be required?
    • Set clear objectives for the finished project
      • What are the criteria by which you will judge the success of your project?
      • Are there any set(prescribed) criteria?
      • Do you have any personal(self-prescribed) criteria for judging the success of your project?
  3. Design
    • Build the Decision Tree in ES-Builder Web
    • Use short terms/text in each node of the decision tree for attributes, values and conclusions; details can be implemented later in the data panel for each node.
  4. Document
    • Make sure you are giving as much information as possible at every step. Could someone not familiar with your project understand what your are proposing by reading your report?
  5. Implement The System
    • Implement as much internal documentation in the data panels in ES-Builder Web as possible including:
      • Main details about the Universe of Discourse, creator and conclusion type are entered in the Edit Project page.
      • Each node in the Decision Tree has a data panel that can be accessed by clicking on the the node and then on the plus sign immediately below. Here you may add additional data about the node, such as:
        • the longer version of the node text for the attribute, value or conclusion
        • notes about this node (if required)
        • an image to support this node (if required). Please note: this field should include a value url to the source of the available online image. Storage for these images is not provided by ES-Builder Web.
    • Published to the Web
      • As the details of your expert system are stored in an online database, your expert system is automatically available online and is updated in real time as you make changes to your decision tree.
      • Search engine, rules, decision table, and decision tree are available online
      • For all licence types other than the free version, standalone versions of the html of the expert system may be downloaded from the Edit Project page.
  6. Testing
    • Testing Report
      • Have at as many people as possible test the completed expert system.
      • Both alpha and beta testing are possible.
        • Alpha testing: this is were you can ask other members of your class who are familiar with the development of an ES-Builder Web project to go over what you have done and comment on any parts that do not appear to work as planned, eg obvious errors and/or omissions.
        • Beta testing: This is where you ask potential future users to test the product in its mostly-finished state. If you have set your project to work with Tested Certainty Factors, you could share the testing url provided in the Edit Project settings and use the subsequent test data to measure the accuracy of your project.
      • Summarize testing results in at least one paragraph
      • Combine Testing Report into Identification and Specification Document
  7. Evaluation
    • Measure success against stated objectives from design phase
      • Comment on success on each individual objective
      • Comment on overall success
      • Comment on significant difficulties encountered in project
  8. Submission
    • Add any references and bibliographical detail required to documentation.
    • Save completed project to location specified by teacher.
    • Hand in task and criteria sheets with of Statement of Authorship completed.