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ES-Builder Web is a free educational tool designed for students to help develop expert systems skills.

The project is a further development from the desktop version of the ES-Builder 3.0 application for Windows into an improved web interface using the AJAX development framework.

The new ES-Builder Web provides many new features including:

  • Instant Viewing and Previewing of the expert system as a website. No longer is publishing required as now ES-Builder Web provides a live, instant ES using PHP and MySQL.
  • ES-Builder Web now displays error markers on invalid branches in the decision tree to assist the user in identifying errors in the tree and thus resolving those issues.
  • ES-Builder Web now has a built-in surveying system to allow testing of the expert system to determine user-tested certainty factors.
  • Individual users can Backup and Restore their project using a web interface.
  • Subscription users can Download their project as a standalone web site.
  • Subscription users can Embed their project within an iframe in their own web site.
  • The new ES-Builder allows you to Delete whole branches, rather than removing unwanted parts of you decision tree one node at a time as in the desktop vesrion.
  • Now you can Cut and Paste whole branches to re-structure your decision tree.
  • Now you can Copy and Paste whole branches to assist in the more efficient development of your decision tree.

ES-Builder Web uses significant aspects of HTML 5 and CSS3, so works best in the latest version of your browser. Please do not attempt to use it in Internet Explorer 8, but works fine in Firefox, Chrome, IE9/10/11/Edge, Safari, and Opera.

The ES-Builder Web project stores your Expert Systems in an online database(MySQL).

User privacy is protected by a password system utilising confirmation via email.

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Here is an example of an ES-Builder expert system embedded in a web page.