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ES-Builder Web - Expert System Shell

There are 2 levels of ES-Builder Web licence. Both are subject to user agreement to the ES-Builder Web Terms and Conditions and the ES-Builder Web Privacy Policy.

Licence Type #
Price Subscribe
Free - (Free!)

All projects are ad-supported and located on the ES-Builder Web site. Users may create up to 15 projects. Projects can be downloaded as standalone HTML.

15 Free Just create a free account...
School - (Free!)

Student projects can be downloaded as standalone, and also can be embedded.
Students may create up to 15 projects.
Teachers have online access to view and also download student projects.
Teachers may create student accounts from the Teacher Console, either individually, or by bulk upload. This eliminates the need for students to use email addresses to login in and removes the need for students to confirm accounts via email.

50 Free!

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