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ES-Builder Web
Expert System Shell

What's New?

In this simpler and easier to use web implementation, expert system construction can all be done online. All data is stored in an on-line database and users can search your expert systems instantly, live, on the internet!


GoKeys! Keyboard Trainer

What's New?

GoKeys! can help your students' performance on online standardized tests like NAPLAN. As performance testing of students moves more inevitably into the online environment, the ability to be able to navigate the keyboard quickly and efficiently becomes far more important to your school's outcomes.
ES-Builder Web

ES-Builder Web is a great environment for teachers to monitor the progress of their students. Schools with annual subscriptions are able to see details of all projects created by students at their school listed on the teacher's Projects page.

For subscription users, ES-Builder projects can now be downloaded as a standalone web site or embedded in an iframe in your web site!

With the School Pro subscription, teachers can create student accounts, individually or in bulk, removing the need to rely on students to do so themselves.

ES-Builder Web is written using an AJAX architecture and requires an HTML5 compatible browser to gain the maximum benefit of the new environment.

ES-Builder Web builds expert system web sites fast!

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GoKeys! can help students become much more familiar with the keyboard, improving their efficiency at finding keys in any situation, be it a physical keyboard or an on-screen one. Read more...    Try it out now...

Keyboard Practice for The Early Years of Computing

stoppy image GoKeys! approaches the problem of developing keyboard skills from the point of view of the teacher in the classroom. The outcome that we really need is happy students who can confidently and accurately type at 15 to 20 words per minute. What we do not need in primary school and junior high school are high-speed copy-typists. Read more...

GoKeys! School Subscriptions Now Available

GoKeys! is great for students from Prep onwards but the registration-by-email process is just too tough for younger students and their teachers. A GoKeys! Annual School Subscription can solve this problem for your school. Your students do not need a email address, as the teacher can create all the required accounts online, manage passwords, etc. Read more about School Subscriptions...