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GoKeys! is designed to help teachers show students around the computer keyboard. GoKeys! is a fun-based, basic trainer that is not designed to train high-speed touch typists. GoKeys! has short lessons that aim to help students get to know the keyboard quickly. It has no enforced schedules or progression routines. The teacher can progress at a pace suited to the classroom and not be locked into a program that prevents slower students from ever getting to all the keys. GoKeys! also allows the teacher to create their own exercises for training or testing! 

Some of the Advanced Features of GoKeys!:

  • Big easy to read letters
  • Short manageable lessons that fit easily into shorter class times
  • Clear, easy to read on-screen data for teacher observation
  • No enforced progression schedule
  • Easy to read progress scores at every stage
  • Easy to print reports for teacher records

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When you login to GoKeys! you will come to the Select a Lesson page. You will have a choice of New Lessons or Extra Exercises to practice. New Lessons are listed down the left column in the best order for developing keyboard skills in the correct sequence. Extra Exercises are listed in alphabetical order. After you have completed a lesson, it will appear on the Completed Lessons tab on the selection page. If you repeat a lesson at any time, the most recent results will be displayed for that lesson on the View Results page. After you click on a lesson or exercise to start, you will see the lesson introduction page which will explain which fingers to use for the new keys. When you are ready to go on to the exercise, click on Start Typing.

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green After you click on Start Typing, you will see the typing screen. The timer will start once you commence typing. While you are typing the correct letters the traffic light will stay green, but if you make an error, it will turn red and force you to wait a short time before continuing. This delay reflects the lost time and productivity caused by typing errors. 

yellow  When you reach the end of a line, a new line will automatically appear until there are no lines left. As you go, a green progress bar shows you how far you have progressed in the exercise. When you reach the end of the lesson, n you are taken to the Results Screen. 

smallred.gif As you type the lesson, your progress is constantly updated on the screen, showing the number of Words Typed, the number of Errors, and the current Words Per Minute based on a standard 5-letter word. A percentage of incorrect keys pressed over correct keys is displayed as the Accuracy figure. Continued pressing of an incorrect key will result in an error being counted every time, although keys pressed during the stop time are not counted. A small keyboard graphic is displayed at the top of the screen to assist with remembering the new letters. 

Stoppy Icon Print My Progress 

Print My Progress is reached from a button on the Select Lessons page. This page displays your Progress Report as a PDF document. You can save or print from here as in any PDF document. to choose your preferred printer.

Stoppy Icon Teacher Console

The Teacher Console is a feature of the GoKeys! Annual School Subscription licence.
Within the Teacher Console, a teacher with approved access at the school may create student logins to avoid the use of real names and email addresses.
From the Teacher Console the teacher can:

  • Add individual logins for students,
  • Add bulk student logins by uploading a pre-prepared .csv file
  • Edit student logins
  • Reset student passwords
  • Print reports on student progress, or save as PDF.
  • Remove student logins

For more info on getting a School Subscription to GoKeys!, go to the GoKeys! subscription page.

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